V i s i  o n


In a time where our context and surroundings are rapidly changing as a result of the developments in technology and science, we should defend and safeguard natural life forms. All technology mimics nature, we try to understand nature by trying to reproduce and copy it, but it will always be a flawed imitation, nor will we ever fully comprehend its complexity. Despite our incomplete understanding, we still give life to these artifacts. Until the synthetic is indistinguishable from the real. How far will we go with this? To what degree do we wish them to be integrated into nature and ourselves? Will they augment or subsume us?

M i s s i o n


With the tools at modern societies’ disposal we cannot afford to carelessly create without regard for the potential ramifications. Responsibility must be central to our ethos. This doesn’t mean we should no longer innovate, but rather that we must nurture it, define and guide its path within society.


T e c h n o l o g y   m u s t n ’ t   b e   t h e   e n e m y   o f   n a t u r e   b u t   r a t h e r   i t s   a l l y .


My mission as a designer is to build bridges between disparate disciplines; bringing them closer to one another so that they complement rather than oppose each other.


C o l l a b o r a t i o n


Does this vision interest you? Would you like to be onboard this mission in any capacity and see how we can facilitate one another? How we can bring different worlds closer together, creating new visions and translating them into tangible and successful products, let’s get started!


M o t i v a t i o n


I could never identify myself with one group or the other, that in is perhaps its own identity.  Not being on one side or the other but observing life from an outside perspective. Moving myself like a snake and chameleon through different subcultures and all levels of society, gives you a very wide overview and insight on how people work, what their needs are and what their perspective on life is.

To feel the need to bring situations into balance, creating harmony and equality has been the core of my being already from a very early age.